Wesco pepper grinder

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Frequently Arsed Questions

photoI have never once been satisfied with a pepper mill. I was so disillusioned with them that I have been relying on a pestle and mortar for a couple of years. I can confirm, however, that when you need a pinch of pepper in a hurry, this system is a pain in the arse.

Pepper grinders have a number of issues. Wear and tear is a problem. The wooden kind are especially prone to cracking or breaking when dropped, and repeated opening and closing can cause wear. The very act of using it creates fatal wear and tear. Stainless steel models tend to be ugly, and the battery powered electric models are overpriced and not very good. I reserve special disdain for the over-sized pepper mill, which might make sense in a restaurant, but not elsewhere.  All I’ve tried tend to be fiddly to fill, and the grinding underside tends…

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