Things to Know Before Getting Your Peugeot Pepper Mill

If you are deciding to buy a Electric pepper mills, there are a few things that you must consider. The first thing that you need to consider is to decide how often you will be using your mill? On a daily basis, you should certainly go for a mill that is easy to use. The other factor is price. Should you spend over $100 for an electric mill if you can get a higher performing, quality mill for $30?  There are many electric mills on the market, for less then $30  or more, that do not work so well.

Battery operated pepper mills can be a better option if you like to cook, as the one handed operation allows you to season your foods more effectively, while limiting cross contamination on your mill, because you have turned your food over to season the other side and placing your dirty hand on the manual mill to operate it.

battery operated pepper mill

battery operated pepper mill

Peugeot pepper mills have been around for many years, but does a high price make a good mill? In 2012 Cook’s Illustrated (Americas Test Kitchen) rated the PepperMills Supreme electric peppermill the best one- handed operated mill that they have tested. There are no other electric mills on the market that have the patented dual grinder design, along with all its other features and performances, that is found in the new model 200 by PepperMills Supreme.

Peugeot battery operated pepper mills use 6 to 8 AAA batteries and you have to take their mills apart (as most others)  to replace batteries or to refill with peppercorns. PepperMills Supreme model 200 uses 4 AA batteries (which are less expensive then AAA’s), and have more capacity, resulting in longer run time before changing. Also you do not need to take the model 200 apart to change batteries or to refill. The model 200 holds more peppercorns or spices and is the easiest mill to refill. Model 200 uses ceramic grinders so you can use salt or other spices as well and they will never wear out. See why the PepperMills Supreme model 200 is such a good bargain at